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In this day and age we are so consumed with social media and obsessed about what we think the future may hold that we forget to be present in the moment – we are missing out. Our aim is to share an authentic experience and to remind others about the benefits of connecting with each other and moving away from technology. We are focused on providing safe adventures and great experiences but over and above this, our aim is to get people to do something they never dreamed of doing and to get them out of their comfort zone. We would love to share this feeling and experience with you.


‘The earth has music for those who listen’ ~George Santayana

Meet the team

Co-Owner & Trip Leader

Fahwaaz Cornelius

Fahwaaz's journey into the outdoors started with cycling. Over a number of years, he became an avid cyclist and was exposed to trail running when he joined a group of friends on one of their runs. It was not long before he realized he was able to access places that the mountain bike couldn't go. He is absolutely devoted to the outdoors and loves to be immersed in nature. Working with people and sharing new experiences has an allure and some of the best moments have been experiences during an unexpected adventure with friends. One of our favorite hikes is The Fish River Canyon as you are cut off from the world for 5 days completely present in the moment. We firmly believe that we are not just selling tours but offering a wonderful, memorable experience.

Co-Owner & Trip Leader

Edrees Sedick

Meet Edo! He was an ordinary guy just living an ordinary life up until 2012 when he took his first solo trip to Europe. Unbeknownst to him, the taste of the unknown would capture him for life!

Since then, Edo’s life has gone from ordinary to extraordinary. Like exponentially extraordinary! He’s newly found adventurous heart has led him to expeditions across the globe trekking through the Torres del pine in Chile, 3 day Trek through the Indonesian region of Western Sumatra, Machu Pichu in Peru and the remarkable Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

In 2017, Edo kicked up his stride and increased his endurance to compete in the Cappadocia 65km trail run in Turkey and in 2019 he crossed the finishing line at the Grand Raid after running 115 km across Reunion Island's rocky volcanic terrain, not to mention finishing the Ultra Trail Cape Town 100km.

These incredible experiences and memories have sparked Edo’s enthusiasm for life. What excites him and brings meaning is connecting people to the adventure of life outdoors.